Yoenis Cespedes’ Jeep Is Cooler Than Yours

baseballDo you love baseball? Of course you do. Do you love baseball as much as New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes? Certainly not. He loves baseball so much he turned his Jeep into a $100,000 rolling homage to America’s classic sport.

Yoenis Cespedes’ Jeep flaunts an alleged $80,000 worth of custom upgrades done by Alex Vega at the Auto Firm in Miami. Inside the Jeep are actual “baseball” seats: red leather units with exaggerated white stitching up the sides. Yoenis Cespedes’ Jeep also features custom bar lights, mesh gates in lieu of doors, and enormous off-road tires that really prove how serious the Mets slugger is.

Back in February, Cespedes made a habit of rolling up to practice in one of his many exotic cars. You might be concerned by Cespedes spending, thinking he’s heading down a dangerous road, but something tells us he’ll be just fine—maybe it’s the $75-million, three-year contract he just signed with the Mets. That’s a whole lot of auto upgrades.

Spotlight on 4 Unique Presidential Vehicles

President's DayEvery year in February, our country celebrates the lives of our country’s leaders during Presidents Day. The job of the Commander-in-Chief is not easy. Fortunately, many of our country’s presidents had some special vehicles at their disposal to help get them from one place to another. In honor of Presidents Day, here are four unique Presidential vehicles from history.

  1. President Taft’s 1908 Baker Electric

Long before the introduction of today’s electric vehicles, another one was making waves in the White House. President Taft’s car could actually run pretty far on one charge.

  1. President Johnson’s Amphicar

A little known fact about LBJ is that he loved to play pranks. The perfect vehicle to do so in was his Amphicar, which could run on land and on the water!

  1. President Reagan’s Subaru BRAT

The Great Communicator thought that this Japanese vehicle was pretty cool. He wanted one so badly that he actually acquired one in secret!

  1. President Obama’s The Beast

Presidential limos have come pretty far since they were first introduced. Obama’s limo, dubbed the Beast, includes 5-inch thick bulletproof glass to protect the President.

Alloy Editions of Chrysler 200S and 300S Are on Their Way

2016 Chrysler 300

Current Chrysler 300

The vehicles that make up Chrysler’s fleet are some of the most stunning vehicles in the entire automotive industry. A few of those Chrysler vehicles are about to become even more breathtaking.

According to a press release from Chrysler, the Alloy Editions of Chrysler 200S and 300S models will be available for the 2016 model year.

What make the Alloy Editions so special? They not only highlight the beauty of the 200S and 300S vehicles, but the Chrysler line as a whole. Sporting distinct Dark Bronze and Titanium finishes, these automobiles are beautiful to look at.

They are also beautiful to drive! The Alloy Editions of the Chrysler 200S and 300S come available with an advanced all-wheel drive system with a Sport mode for even more precise handling.

“Chrysler brand embodies Detroit style, and our new 200S and 300S Alloy Editions are a perfect meld of our engineering innovation and craftsmanship, forged with cutting-edge colors and materials inspired by the Motor City’s ingenuity and creativity,” said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands for Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT, FCA North America.

The Alloy Editions prove once again that when it comes to style, Chrysler is king!

Increasing Fuel Economy: Saving Green at the Pump

fuel pumpEvery driver is looking for ways to increase fuel economy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your gas tank. From changing driving habits to simple maintenance, increasing fuel economy is easier than you might think.

According to the EPA, one of the best things you can do, besides buying a fuel-efficient vehicle, is to drive more efficiently. Driving less aggressively helps you to optimize engine and vehicle performance, eliminating waste. You should avoid things like speeding, slamming on the brakes, and rapid acceleration. At highway speeds, aggressive driving can reduce economy by up to 33%.

You should also perform regular maintenance in order to ensure proper engine combustion. This includes simple things like oil changes and new air filters. You should also consider replacing spark plugs and tuning your engine every few years. Cleaning fuel injectors/carburetors can also increase performance.

Finally, sharing rides and driving during off-peak hours also increase fuel economy. Carpooling is a great way to save big on your everyday commute, while avoiding rush hour will eliminate gridlock and unnecessary idling.

Chrysler’s “Automakers and the Arsenal of Democracy” Documentary Released

Military MedalsIn order to celebrate the history of the brand, Chrysler recently produced a short documentary about the corporation’s participation in the Allied war effort. Nearly 75 years ago, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt made his famous “Arsenal of Democracy” radio broadcast.

According to Chrysler, the Automakers and the Arsenal of Democracy documentary is narrated by Fiat-Chrysler historian Brandt Rosenbusch, and lasts roughly six minutes. During the Second World War, Chrysler produced trucks, tanks, aircraft parts, guns, ammo, rockets, and even bombs–all of which were vital for military operations.

“FCA US LLC is proud to support the men and women of the US Armed Forces, both at home and abroad,” reads the Chrysler webpage. “The FCA US has numerous military-related programs emphasizing community growth, support and gratitude throughout the US and the world.”

Chrysler continues to support the military today, though in a different way. Military-related programs include annual donations to Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, support toward the construction and maintenance of the WWII Memorial in DC, financial support of the USO, and donations of Jeeps to selected Operation package recipients.

Car Buying Habits of Millennials Revealed

technologyEdmunds.com recently did some research on the car buying habits of Millennials and as it turns out, they may not be quite the consumers you might imagine them to be. In fact, we all may have a little to learn from them.

Yes, Millennials are very open-minded to new automotive technology. When surveyed, almost 75% said that they would consider an electric vehicle or a hybrid. Well over half said they would consider buying an autonomous vehicle if one ever hit the market.

Eighty percent of those surveyed said that integrating their smartphones with their vehicles was important and 62% said that they would pay more for a vehicle equipped with Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, in what may be a surprising fact, Millennials placed qualities like price, fuel economy, and performance far ahead of technology. And as it turns out, they like used cars too. Last year, almost 80% of vehicles purchased by Millennials were used.

Perhaps Millenials are more frugal than we realized.

Best Off-Road Trails in the US

You’ve got your Jeep. Now you want to take it to the limit. Here are some of the best off-road trails in the US (and if you don’t have your Jeep yet, here’s all the fun you are missing)!

2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

# 1 – Rubicon Trail – California

This trail is located west of Lake Tahoe and east of Sacramento. It features some extremely difficult terrain; those familiar with its challenges warn newbies that body panel damage is pretty much inevitable. In fact, only the toughest of vehicles should attempt it. Like the Jeep Rubicon, for instance, which took its name from this iconic trail.

# 2 – Alpine Loop Trail – Colorado

You can catch this trail outside of Lake City, Colorado. The path may only be 63 miles long but according to Road and Track, you’ll see amazing things along the way. You will cross not one but two 12,000-foot passes and seven different ghost towns. There are lots to explore on this trail so give yourself plenty of exploration time.

#3 – Mojave Road – Arizona

This trail starts in Bullhead City, Arizona and runs 140 miles to Newberry Springs, California. Arguably one of the most beautiful trails, the Mojave Road will afford you breathtaking views of the Colorado River, Soda Lake, and Joshua Tree Forest.

Ram Truck Supports Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry

2015 Ram Truck

Ram Trucks Teamed up with FHFH

Ram Trucks launched a new marketing campaign across all major forms of media—television, digital, print, and social—to raise awareness on the need to end hunger.

The campaign targets outdoor enthusiasts and brings attention to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH), an organization that encourages hunters to donate part of their hunt to those less fortunate.

The initiative is meant to remind people that 49 million Americans are struggling to put food on the table and that all of us can help. By donating a portion of their harvest, hunters can reach more than 115 communities across 30 states through FHFH.

“Some of Ram’s most passionate fans are huge hunting enthusiasts,” said Bob Hegbloom, Head of Ram Brand. “Truck owners and outdoor enthusiasts are always willing to lend a helping hand, which is why Ram is heightening awareness of one of the ways they can give back to their local communities this time of year.”

Most of the ads are viewable on the automaker’s YouTube channel. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast but simply need the wheels to get around those hard-to-get places, stop by Gossett Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat and check out the new 2016 Ram 1500!

Jeep Renegade Named 2016 Car of the Year

2015 Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade – Available at Gossett CJDR

The small SUV segment is one of the fastest-rising in the nation—and around the world. The smallest of them is the new Jeep Renegade, which was introduced last year at the Geneva Motor Show.

It’s the first Jeep ever to be built exclusively outside the United States—we won’t complain, because we already have so many great Jeeps here, and the rest of the world deserves a taste of what we have, after all.

So far, it seems they’re enjoying that taste. Earlier this month at a ceremony in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 20 local journalists from Autoesporte Magazine named the Renegade its 2016 Car of the Year. In addition, the Renegade has been leading SUV sales, ranked among the top 10 best-selling vehicles in the country, and was named the safest Brazilian-made vehicle there.

Of course, the Jeep Renegade is just as impressive in the United States, even in the face of tough competition. Don’t miss it at Gossett Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat!

Choosing a Car Color: What Does It Say About You?

The color of your car is one of the most important features for some car shoppers. While Fiat-Chrysler models come with a massive selection when it comes to paint, we’ve put together a post about what your car color says about you.

According to Business Tuts, color psychology is a serious area in marketing and other creative professions. By carefully playing with hues, you can instill certain attitudes around you, as well as within yourself. Below are some basic colors and what they may mean:

  • 2015 Dodge Challenger

    2015 Dodge Challenger

    Red – aggressive color that evokes strength and power. It’s designed to draw attention.

  • Pink – tranquil and warm color, made to calm aggression.
  • Yellow – happiness, laughter, and optimism. A truly cheery color.
  • Orange –evokes boldness and ambition for those who like to stand out and party
  • Purple – regal or luxurious, especially in the darker shades.
  • Blue – calming, restful, and even intelligent. Often instills trust.
  • Green – money or nature, depending on the hue. Usually calming in darker shades.
  • Black – power, authority, and sophistication. Most luxury models come in black.
  • Gray – neutral, but also refined.

While choosing a car color might say something about you, you should also keep in mind that these colors don’t apply to everyone. Sometimes, people just like a certain color. Stop by Gossett Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat to see our selection of colors (and cars).