Holiday Getaway Destinations: Start a New Tradition

2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Backcountry - Memphis, TN

There’s never a bad time to plan a trip, even during winter!

Looking to getaway this holiday season? There are several great places to visit, including those with ocean views, warm beaches, and lush golf courses. The following trip ideas are great for those who want to plan a family getaway during the winter months, as well as those looking for a more exciting way to celebrate the season.

According to Vacation Idea, one of the most popular locations in the US is a string of coastal towns on the West Coast. In particular, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, Newport Beach, and Healdsburg as great places to stop by during Christmas. Rates can be high now that many families flock this way, but you’ll be sure to enjoy the warm sun and ocean.

Make your way down to Florida. Warm weather in the Orange State is a great way to getaway. Tampa is particularly popular this time of year, as well as Sanibel Island and Naples. In terms of holiday getaway destinations, nothing tops an island retreat.

Finally, for those who can’t imagine the holidays without snow, take a trip to Manoir Hovey in Quebec. You can take a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh, roast smores, and eat at some traditional restaurants. Plus, you’ll also find wooded acres and secluded cabins that are perfect for a romantic retreat. Manoir Hovey is the ideal winter wonderland.

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How to Survive a Thanksgiving Road Trip

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Gossett CJDR Fiat

Nearly half of all Americans travel at least 50 miles to attend a Thanksgiving gathering. If you’ll be hitting the road for a Thanksgiving road trip, here are a few tips to make it less stressful and hectic.

  • Plan your travel time wisely. The long Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year, meaning more cars on the road. Plan to leave early in the morning so there is less traffic and so you can avoid drowsy drivers in the evening.
  • Secure all cargo. Anything that isn’t properly secured in your car can become a projectile if you’re in an accident. Make sure all bags, food items, and other cargo is in the trunk and secured properly.
  • Plan some in-car entertainment. If you’re travelling with kids, bring some activities to keep them entertained on the long drive, and they don’t all have to be electronic. Make sure the activities they choose aren’t too distracting for the driver.
  • Don’t eat and drive. If nothing else, at least don’t stuff yourself with turkey and then drive. Turkey has high levels of sleep-inducing Tryptophan and the other carb-heavy Thanksgiving dishes won’t help either. Don’t hop in the car right after finishing your feast.

Are you planning on a road trip for Thanksgiving this year?

Self-Driving Pacifica Spotted in California

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Current Chrysler Pacifica Available at Gossett CJDR Fiat

For decades, the idea of a self-driving car has only existed in science fiction. But, that fiction is quickly becoming reality with the help of Google and its fleet of autonomous vehicles. Recently, Google signed a deal with Chrysler to create of fleet of self-driving Pacifica minivans, and over a dozen were recently spotted in a parking garage in California.

The plug-in hybrid minivans were mounted with cameras and LIDAR sensors on the roofs. Looking at the pictures, you can see Google has made big strides in reducing the size of its equipment, especially the parts that get mounted on the roof. In addition, it looks like there are some sensors that are embedded into the front fenders.

These minivans were spotted right around the same time Google announced it is launching a new ride-sharing program focused on carpooling, and minivans sure are an ideal choice for carpooling. So, this could mean these self-driving Pacifica vans could be used for that program.

It is also interesting to note that Google chose the hybrid version of the Pacifica. When fully charged, it delivers up to 30 miles of all-electric range.

Here at Gossett Chrysler, we are interested to see how these self-driving minivans perform in real-world tests.

Memphis Haunted Houses and Trails

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Gossett CJDR Fiat!

Haunted houses and trails are two classic spooky places where trick-or-treaters and Halloween lovers can go for a thrill. Memphis, Tennessee is home to a number of spectacular haunted houses and trails designed to scare you right out of your socks! Here are some of the best Memphis haunted houses and trails as suggested by us at Gossett CJDR Fiat!

  • Haunted Web of Horrors – This haunted house is located in Cordova and is largely considered the best haunted house in and around Memphis. Visitors can experience three haunts in a single location. Doors have already opened for the season. Take a walk through Tormented, an insane institution; or Dark Matter, a 3D labyrinth full of unexpected scares, for just $12 each.
  • Mid-South Haunted Maize – This spooky area is home to two separate attractions: a haunted maze and haunted hayride. Visitors can experience a fright in the corn maze or travel along a haunted hayride. Children’s activities take place during the day and this haunted area’s doors have been open since the end of September.
  • Spooky Nights – This haunted attraction is held at Shelby Farms Park every weekend in October and boasts a whole host of events. Families can check out Zombie Laser Tag, Pumpkin Carving, and Spooky Food Trucks. The 4,500-acre park also features Memphis’ first haunted trail.

Chrysler Cars Add 4G LTE Connectivity

Chrysler 300 Interior

Chrysler 300 Interior

The modern world was content with 3G connectivity just a few years ago but now drivers and technology lovers have moved on to 4G LTE connectivity. Chrysler Fiat recognizes this; to meet driver expectations, Dodge and Chrysler vehicles will come stocked with 4G LTE connectivity. Drivers can expect a whole new experience behind the wheel of Fiat Chrysler vehicles come next year.

Soon, the 2017 Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, and Chrysler 300 will lead the charge in the company’s next generation of connectivity. All three models will come with the fourth-generation Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system. Not all vehicles will be created equal though. Only those equipped with the 8.4-inch touchscreen will have access to the new 4G LTE connectivity.

3G connectivity has gradually been replaced over the past few years in exchange for faster internet connectivity. That connectivity allows drivers to access connected services within the car and slow connections can frustrate impatient drivers. The new 4G LTE connectivity will eliminate that problem and provide drivers with a streamlined process in the new Uconnect infotainment system.

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t revealed how much 4G LTE connectivity will cost or when it will spread to other models in the conglomerates lineup.

We at Gossett CJDR Fiat are happy to see great cars getting great connectivity options!

Jeep Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary with Fans

No automaker can survive without loyal fans, and as Jeep celebrates its 75th anniversary, the company is including Jeep owners in the festivities. Jeep started a year-long social media campaign to celebrate its major milestone and encouraged people around the world to tell their own stories back in March. Using the hashtag #myjeepstory, fans have been posting pictures and telling their own personal Jeep stories.

The social media campaign has brought in nearly 20,000 replies since it kicked off in March. Those still wishing to take part can do so through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or send in a direct submission.

Some submissions are photos of a muddy Jeep in the driveway, and an owner applying some elbow grease under the hood. Still, others are love letters to the off-road adventures owners have had behind the wheel of a Jeep.

Take Dan Grec for example. Grec is a modern day explorer currently traveling around Africa, a distance of about 80,000 miles. That’s no easy task and not many vehicles are durable enough to withstand the beating. Fortunately, Grec is behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon that he modified for the adventure.

2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Other stories consist of family adventures, learning to drive, and tales of how Jeeps helped relationships push forward through thick and thin.

Here at Gossett CJDR, we’re proud to be a part of Jeep’s 75th anniversary!

What Does a Car’s Torque Mean?

What does a car’s torque mean? Most drivers know it has to do with power, but what does it actually mean?

Whether you’re new to the automotive industry or just passing through in your search for a new car, torque is incredibly important when it comes to performance. Most drivers tend to focus on horsepower when it comes to acceleration, but torque plays a major role in just how fast a car can go. Here’s a quick breakdown of what a car’s torque means.

At its very basic, torque causes a car to accelerate. A vehicle with higher torque will accelerate faster or, if necessary, while towing heavy loads. That’s why trucks with towing capabilities and high-performance cars often advertise high torque.

Larger engines produce more torque thanks to the increased amount of air flowing through the engine. That air is compressed in the combustion chambers with small amounts of fuel, resulting in a small explosion. That explosion generates horsepower and torque. While horsepower is how quickly a car can reach a certain speed, torque is what actually makes the car move.

Drivers interested in trucks and performance vehicles would do well to take note of both the vehicle’s horsepower and torque. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat, for example, brings 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque to the road. As a result, the Challenger Hellcat boasts a 0-to-60 mph time of just 3.6 seconds.

2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Explanations of Important Dashboard Warning Lights

Here’s a scenario we all dread. You’re driving along, listening to your favorite song; then, you hear that dreaded “beeeep.” You look down and see a bright red light shining up at you from your dashboard. Unfortunately, for many drivers, those little pictures with wavy lines and exclamation marks are indecipherable.

To help you get a handle on your car situation, here are some of the most common dashboard warning lights.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Check engine light. This is by far the most dreaded of all the dashboard lights. When it turns on, you need to get it checked out by a professional so they can diagnose the problem. It can be a simple as a loose gas cap to something much more catastrophic.

Battery alert. When this light turns on, it means the voltage level is below the normal level. Have your battery and its terminals inspected.

Tire pressure. If you see this light come on, it means one of more of your tires has low pressure. Give your tires a boost of air pressure and it should turn off. If it doesn’t, consult a professional.

Traction control. When this light turns on, it means your car’s traction control or electronic stability system is active. It also usually means road conditions are slippery.

These are just a few of the most common warning lights. If you have any questions about what a light in your car means, stop by Gossett Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat and we’ll help you out.

Don’t Miss Live at the Garden Concerts in Memphis

concertFor a truly one-of-a-king concert experience, you have to attend the Live at the Garden concert series at the Memphis Botanic Garden. This series is in its 15th year and is one of the most popular summer music events in the area.

Already this summer, visitors go to listen to Heart, Gregg Allman, and Billy Currington. Coming up on August 25th, you can relive your glory days from the 1980s with some classic hits from REO Speedwagon.

Tickets are still available for this concert, but act fast because you never know when they will sell out. General lawn admission tickets cost $40 each. Or you can choose to sit at a table in the Gossett Motor Cars Pit in front of the stage for $75.

You might feel like a teenager again as you listen to “Take It on the Run” while sitting under the stars, enjoying an ice cold beverage, and surrounded by your favorite people. The gates will open at 6pm and the show will start at 8pm.

Concert goers are welcome to bring their own picnic food; however, there will be vendors available on-site selling deliciously-prepared food and drink. Be aware that you are also prohibited from smoking and bringing potentially dangerous items.

Here at Gossett Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat, we are excited for this show and hope to see many of our loyal customers there.

Things to Do In Memphis This July

eventBuy a new lizard, head-bang to 90s rock icons, and square dance to the best of new and classic country–those are just some of the things to do in Memphis for July.

Musicians Shinedown have been consistently rocking out since their powerful debut in 2003. They bring their dynamic live show to The Landers Center on July 20th. Show starts at 7:00pm.

On July 30th at the Fitz Casino Tunica, The Charlie Daniels Band will be performing all of their classic country hits like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Showtime is 8:00pm.

Singer-songwriter Jill Scott will be bringing her sometimes funky, sometimes jazz, always sincere live show to the Landers Center on July 30th. Show begins at 7:30pm.

Hear the sultry voice of Harry Connick, Jr. at The Orpheum on July 27th. The swingin’ starts at 7:30pm.

Or maybe reptiles are your thing? If so, you might want to head out to the Landers Center on July 30th around 10:00Aam. That’s where the Repticon Memphis Reptile & Exotic Animal Show is going down. Stick around though; Jill Scott is playing later.