New Year’s Safety Resolutions for Drivers

If you’re looking for a good New Year’s resolution, why not make one about your driving resolutions? You’ll be happier, safer, and less stressed by committing to any one of these New Year’s safety resolutions for drivers.

New Year's Safety Resolutions no texting while driving

  • No Cell Phone Use: We know we aren’t supposed to do it, but many of us use our phones behind the wheel anyway. Make a commitment to put down the phone and focus on the road.
  • Drive the Speed Limit: Speeding may seem like a little harmless rule-breaking, but it reduces your reaction time in a potential accident and can make things worse if a crash does happen.
  • Make Rules for Teenage Drivers: If you have a teenager who’s about to get their hands on a license, draw some ground rules like a curfew, limiting their allowed passengers, and no texting.
  • Practice Efficient Driving Habits: See how far you can stretch a tank by researching and implementing more fuel efficient driving habits. You’ll be surprised how long you can go!
  • Better Vehicle Maintenance: Everyone should keep up with their car a little more than they already do. This New Year’s, take your car to a service appointment for an inspection.

It’s good to have these New Year’s safety resolutions in mind while you’re driving in order to have a more safe and enjoyable commute every day. If you practice them long enough, they’ll become a habit, too.

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