Dodge Charger Hellcat with Hennessey Tops Out at 1,032 Horsepower

Dodge Charger HellcatYou read that headline right: the Dodge Charger Hellcat with Hennessey reached an unthinkable amount of horsepower back in late February.

Hennessey Performance is a tuning house specializing in customizing and modifying sports cars for maximum performance and thrill. When it comes to classic American performance, these are the guys who made it “classic.”

The Dodge Charger Hellcat with Hennessey modifications reached 1,032 horsepower and 987 lb-ft of torque due to the added twin-turbocharging system paired with the factory supercharger. There’s also a high-flow air-to-water intercooler, dual-turbo waste gates, and stainless steal turbo headers and downpipes. The new additions led to a 0-to-60 sprint time of just 2.7 seconds and a quarter-mile sprint time of 9.9 seconds, moving at 142 mph. That’s pretty fast for a four-door sedan!

This Dodge Charger Hellcat comes with a numbered plaque signed by John Hennessey, the godfather of turbocharging (not an official title but it should be), and by the technician.

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