Redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 Named Best of Show in Detroit

best of show in DetroitEarly this year, at the North American International Auto Show, the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 was named Best of Show in Detroit by as part of its annual “Best of” awards. editors praised the Ram 1500 for its innovative features, efficiency, advanced technology, and overall durability, with which it quickly made its way to the top of the list.

When compared to the outgoing generation, the Ram 1500’s weight has been reduced by 225 pounds thanks to advanced materials and engineering. Along with its reduced weight, the new Ram is more durable and will be capable of towing up to 12,750 pounds and 2,300 pounds of payload.

One innovative feature will be an all-new eTorque mild hybrid system that will improve fuel efficiency in both the V6 and V8 engines.

It will also come with tons of available technology like a Uconnect 4C system with a 12-inch touchscreen that features split-screen capability. There will also be a 360-degree camera system, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning, and ready alert braking.

Here at Gossett Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram, we can’t wait to experience the redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 for ourselves.

Late Winter Events in Memphis

winter events in MemphisAs we move through February and into March, we get to welcome in a new season, but there is a lot going on as the winter ends, so here are a few late winter events in Memphis for you to consider.

  • Signs of Spring Walk. Head to the Memphis Botanical Garden on February 18th to take this special tour that will show you the first glimpses of spring in the garden. No reservations are needed.
  • Black Restaurant Week. This dining event showcases Black-Owned restaurants and gives people in the Memphis area a chance to get to know minority-owned eateries better. The event runs March 5th through the 11th.
  • Bubble Guppies Live! If you have any young children in your house, then you probably have seen your fair share of Bubble Guppies. Make your childrens’ dreams come true by taking them to see the Bubble Guppies on stage at the Cannon Center on March 14th.
  • Mid-South Farm & Gin Show. This is the premier farm show for the Memphis area and is going into its 66th Its goal is to support local farmers and their agricultural needs, so you don’t need to be a farmer to attend. It will be held March 2nd and 3rd at the Cook Convention Center.

Which of these winter events would you like to attend? If you need a new vehicle as we move into spring, come visit us at Gossett Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram for a great selection of new and pre-owned vehicles.

Valentine’s Day in Memphis

Valentine's DayWhether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a friend, family, partner, or just yourself, you can have plenty of fun celebrating the holiday in Memphis. Here are some fun Valentine’s Day activities you can participate in.

Family Date Night/Valentine Gala – February 8th

Drive on down to Olive Branch for a Valentine’s evening the whole family will enjoy. This Masquerade Ball is family-friendly and children under two get in free. Your tickets include dinner, entertainment, a photo booth, and plenty of dancing!

Valentine Retreat – February 14th

If you want the ultimate getaway, head to this Valentine’s Day Retreat at Le’Chiq Restaurant in Bartlett. Here you’ll be served a full Valentine’s dinner in a peaceful and romantic setting.

Singles Awareness Day – February 15th

Single on Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone! Universal Parenting Place at Knowledge Quest is throwing a party for all the Memphis singles. While they usually have parenting events, you don’t need to have kids to enjoy this event!

Poetry, Love & Hip-Hop: Valentine’s Day Edition – February 17th

If you’re a literature-lover, this Valentine’s Day event is perfect for you. Taking place at the Rumba Room in Memphis, it will feature poetry readings that are all, of course, love-themed.

So what are you waiting for? Head out on the town and enjoy Valentine’s Day – the Memphis way!

Teasing the Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck

Jeep Wrangler pickup truckThe Jeep® Wrangler has always turned heads – but now it’ll be turning even more thanks to the addition of the  Jeep®  Wrangler pickup truck. This truck will have the body of a Wrangler, but with all the benefits of a truck. It’s perfect for Jeep® lovers who need to get the job done.

So far, the Jeep Wrangler pickup truck has been kept (literally) under wraps, but the previews of this truck tease an unstoppable vehicle. What Jeep fans do know is that the Jeep Wrangler Pickup will sport a four-door Wrangler body, but instead of ending with a hatchback trunk in back, it will sport a functional truck bed. Finally, we also know the name: the Jeep® Scrambler.

The Scrambler will likely have plenty of power underneath the hood, as the expected engine options will be a gas-powered V6 and a turbo inline-four engine. While nothing is certain yet, it is suspected that an eco-friendly diesel engine might be an option as well.

In terms of road capability, this pickup truck is named the “Scrambler” for a reason. It will scramble over rocks and mud with coil springs at all four corners and a low anti-roll bar to keep you steady.

While you wait for the Jeep Wrangler pickup to be ready, you can always come down to Gossett CDJR and check out our inventory.

Road Trip Tips For the Holidays

If you are traveling for the holidays by car this year, you’re not alone. Experts predict that there will be more traffic on the roads than ever this Christmas season due to families trying to avoid high air fare prices. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you head out on the road.

road trip tips

There’s nothing like routine maintenance

No matter what you do to prep for you trip, keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition is the best you can do. Make sure you catch up on any routine servicing you’ve fallen behind on before you head out on a trip.

Map your route ahead of time

Having a GPS is convenient, but traffic jams and road closures happen, so it’s a good idea to have a map on you and some printed directions with alternate routes, too.

Bring plenty of distractions for the kids

If your children are prone to boredom during road trips, make sure you pack all their favorite games and mobile devices, along with whatever else they need in order to distract themselves.

Stretch often

If you’re traveling long distances, try not to drive without stretching more than an hour at a time. It’s bad for your circulation and can hurt your back, too. Make sure you routinely stop for a break.

Follow these road trip tips and you’re sure to have a significantly less stressful drive this holiday season.

Jeep® Scrambler Pickup Truck To Get Optional Soft Top

It’s a story that has been years in the making; Jeep® enthusiasts have been passing around rumors of a Jeep® pickup for ages. However, in the past year or so, those rumors have solidified into something more concrete, and now, the Scrambler pickup truck is almost here.

Scrambler pickup truck

Based on the iconic Jeep® Wrangler, the Jeep® Scrambler has just as much off-road prowess and capability as its sibling but with the addition of a truck bed.

Jeep® announced recently, however, that they’ll be bringing another part of the Wrangler’s design to the Scrambler and incorporating it – a soft top. The addition of an available soft top will be a segment exclusive among pickup trucks, transforming the Jeep® Scrambler into a sort of convertible truck with a top that can be lowered or removed.

The pickup truck will be going into production a year from now in November of 2018 as a 2019 model year.

If you want to get a peek at the upcoming Scrambler pickup truck, however, you’re in luck. It’s set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, so keep a look out for more information. And when it launches, make sure you come to us here at Gossett CDJR FIAT.

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Let’s face it: nothing ruins a thanksgiving celebration quite like a dry, unevenly-cooked turkey. This year, avoid disappointment by following these tips from Gossett CDJR Fiat for a perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

perfect thanksgiving turkeyPick the right turkey for you

Before anything else, you need to decide on the right turkey for your Thanksgiving celebration. Heritage turkeys are typically leaner yet more flavorful, while organic turkeys are raised according to certain standards. Additionally, you’ll choose between fresh and frozen. Remember, though, fresh doesn’t always mean better, as frozen turkeys are flash frozen right after butchering.

Cook on a rack of veggies

Creating a rack of vegetables on which to cook your turkey results in a more even overall cook and adds a great flavor to the gravy surrounding the bird. In addition, this natural rack lifts the turkey up and increases air circulation so the skin gets crispy all over.


Brining takes a little time, but it’s very easy and all but guarantees a turkey that is moist and delicious. Brines usually include water, salt, and a mix of spices, so find a recipe beforehand and prepare to be blown away by the difference it makes.

Don’t leave your Thanksgiving meal up to luck. Follow these simple tips for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey and get ready to impress your guests this year.

Unique Thanksgiving Pies to Serve up the Classics with a Modern Twist

While we all love a good old-fashioned apple pie, and the tried-and-true classic pumpkin pie, try something new this year by attempting one of these unique Thanksgiving pies that add a twist to the classic you know and love. From all of us here at Gossett CDJR Fiat: trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

Unique Thanksgiving Pies

Bacon Latticed Apple Pie

This modern take on a classic apple pie adds a lattice of bacon topping to add a deeply savory and sweet crust that is insanely delicious. You’ll have no problem at all convincing your guests to try this one when they get one whiff of this from the oven.

Deep-Fried Pecan Pies

What’s better than a traditional pecan pie? How about an individually-sized and deep-fried pecan pie with a glazed, crispy crust and a sweet, sticky pecan filling? These small pies are easy to make, lots of fun for everyone, and most importantly, very tasty.

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

Sure, the pumpkin pie you grew up eating is great, but why not make it even better? This instant classic mixes creamy pumpkin filling with rich chocolate and a great cookie crust. If that sounds delicious, that’s because it is.

Traditions are a wonderful part of any holiday celebration, but don’t let them hold you back from trying something new. Check out these unique Thanksgiving pie recipes and get ready to discover a new favorite.

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

Keeping your car interior clean is no easy feat, especially if you have kids, pets, or spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. Lucky for you, our neat freaks here at Gossett CDJR have a few easy clean-up and maintenance tips to help your interior stay spiffy all year long.

keeping your car interior clean

  • Use an inexpensive, small foam brush (usually 99 cents at an arts supply store) to pick up all the dust on your air vents.
  • Regularly replace your cabin air filter for a better-smelling and healthier cabin atmosphere.
  • Use a toothbrush to scrub vinyl surfaces and remove all the dirt and gunk from those tiny, hard-to-reach cracks.
  • You can also use the toothbrush to get crumbs and particles out of seat crevices.
  • Run a squeegee and water along seating to remove pesky pet hair.
  • Remove floor mats once every two months for a deep clean. Spray them with a stain remover before running them through your normal home washing machine.
  • Make a DIY air freshener with just a mason jar, baking soda, and your favorite essential oil scent. Put all ingredients in the jar, poke some holes in the top, and stow under a seat.

Keeping your car interior clean is important, especially if it’s a car you love and rely on. If you believe you’re ready for a new reliable car to love for years to come, visit us at Gossett CDJR Fiat today!

Fall Fun in Memphis You Won’t Want to Miss!

It is never hard to find something to do here in Memphis. Whether your thing is good music, good food, or the great outdoors, our fine city has something for everyone—especially come this time of year! We know that fall fun in Memphis is easy to find, but here are our top two can’t-miss upcoming community events:

Best Memphis Burger Fest – October 7, 2017

If you’ve never been to Burger Fest, you don’t know what you’re missing! The best pro chefs and amateurs from around the region come to compete for the “Best Memphis Burger” title, but everyone feels like a winner after sampling dozens of delicious burgers.

Proceeds go to Memphis Paws animal shelter, with a $10 entry fee. 

fall fun in Memphis

River Arts Fest – October 27-29, 2017

The River Arts Fest celebrates the finest visual art and music from all across Memphis. It’s a great place to bring the whole family for live art demonstrations, crafts and activities, and a bustling artists market. Whether you’re looking for a new piece to hang in your living room, or just want to bask in some great live music, you don’t want to miss the River Arts Fest!

Entry is free on Friday, but $5 on Saturday and Sunday. Entry for kids under 10 is free all weekend.

The only way to really have fall fun in Memphis? With a brand new car from Gossett CDJR Fiat! Visit us today to test drive your favorite Jeep® SUV, Ram truck, Chrysler sedan, and more.